A. Lewis & Co. Commitment to the Environment

At A. Lewis & Co we care about our environment and aim be suppliers of products which are 100% plantation grown by the end of 2015. We are currently well on the way to this achievable target and proudly sitting at 75%.

To achieve our target we are working on Chain of Custody (CoC) for all of our products. Many of our products have (CoC) already, as many of our suppliers are already strongly committed to this cause.

Why choose products with a Chain of Custody?

The Chain of Custody (CoC) scheme is a process of verifying that the origin of the timber products that we produce are from forests which have some form of forest management certification. In order to provide verification, careful tracking of the wood used for our products is required through the supply chain from the forest floor to our shelves.

The supply chain includes;

  • Harvesting
  • Transportation
  • Primary & secondary processing
  • Manufacturing
  • Distribution and sales

This means that when you buy products which are provided with a Chain of Custody, you can be assured the products provided are sourced from forests which have been certified as sustainable in accordance with international standards.

What can you do to help the environment?

Chain of Custody is an essential certification which is in place to ensure that our forests will be there for future generations to come. By choosing products with a CoC certification you are supporting sustainably managed timber harvesting and processing which is vital for our future. Where possible choose products with CoC and if you are not sure of its origin, ask the question.

More Information

For more information on Chain of Custody, please the Forest Stewardship Council of Australia, call our sales team on (03) 9578 6218 | 0447 527 237 or complete and submit our online Enquiry Form.